I WAS RANGEE: *REVIEW* Virtual Reality is an incredible experience of what the future of technology will feel like. I AM ROBOT takes stake in that future by imagining how technology can facilitate social connection.

I WAS LEVER: *REVIEW* We are social creatures, but in the modern malaise of information overload it is hard to feel human - we are expected to interact and consume like robots. I AM ROBOT provides the antidote by taking this idea into a playful, experimental virtual reality.

I WAS CONBO: *REVIEW* The experience transforms you, your friends and strangers into diverse, comical, and unique robotic characters in VR. These robots all have personalities, some are anarchical, some arty and some naughty. You then dance, play and explore a virtual world where anything can happen. Advanced motion capture tracks the smallest movements of your body and this is all set to a thumping, upbeat musical soundtrack.

I WAS DORDA: *REVIEW * Beyond the technological innovation of this project, fundamentally I AM ROBOT connects people in a profoundly moving way. This experience shifts the paradigm of typical social interaction, because you become blind to who the person is, all prejudices, biases and assumptions are eliminated as you face the robotic personality. We are put back in touch with the roots of our common humanity - the fun, the joyous, the hilarious interactions of life. We are given the space to play. We are given the anonymity to let ourselves go.